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Bury Me In Satin Bath Bomb

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Freesia + Pear

Treat your senses to this COLOSSAL coffin bath bomb. Aptly named "Bury Me In Satin", this shimmery bath bomb smells of a bouquet of flowers with a complex fruity/musky undertone. 

Once submerged in water, Bury Me In Satin fizzes a beautiful lavender, and has hidden pink embeds to truly emulate a bouquet. Not only does it LOOK beautiful, it's guaranteed to fragrance your bath beautifully, making "me time" even more amazing!

Top Notes: Pear, Melon, Sparkling Lemon

Middle Notes: Lillies, Roses, Freesia

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Amber


Weighs approximately 10oz

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